9 August, The songs of dawn

Mercoledì 9 August, Ispra

Tenuta La Quassa, ore 21:15

The songs of dawn

Clara Schembari, pianoforte

Daniela Tusa, voce recitante

music by R. Schumann

Concert entrance: 15 Euros with reservations required. Reservations on Tel. 3714540746; illagocromatico@gmail.com o illagocromatico.eventbrite.com

Also this year the Il Lago Cromatico Festival dedicates its attention to Natura and it does so with a concert dedicated to it through the romantic spirit of the music of Robert Schumann.

R. Schumann is the composer of enigmas and his compositions are full of references, of symbols, of references to his complex inner world, to his ghosts.

The title of the concert, The songs of dawn, refers all'op.133 di Robert Schumann, his penultimate piano composition entirely dedicated to the impressions that the sunrise gives to its spectator. The event will be a concert, but also a story thanks to the participation of the actress Daniela Tusa. Through some of the most significant pages that Schumann dedicates to nature we will take you into an almost fairy-tale world where light, the forest, it will be, flowers and landscapes become emotions and intimate songs.

A tribute to the beauty of Nature and a message for everyone to learn to respect it in a residence immersed in the woods, the La Quassa Estate.

Download the program of the evening at LINK

Daniela Tusa, she trained as an actress at the Teatro Stabile in Genoa. He acted in productions of the Living Theater company, Gank, Max Aub, Salamander and Teatrodistinto. For cinema and television she worked with the directors Guido Chiesa in the film "Working Slowly" in competition at the 61st Venice Film Festival and in "Io sono con te" as a dubbing actress, with Antonello Grimaldi in the TV drama “The Monster of Florence”, with Renato De Maria in the film “La prima linea”, Davide Marengo “A boyfriend for my wife”, Pupi Avati in the short film “You are safe!” and Luca Ribuoli in the TV dramas “ Questo nostri amore” and soon on Rai1 “ Vite in fuga”. His work experiences range from theatre, at Cinema, On TV, as well as teaching, matured from assiduous and intense laboratory activity conducted by 2000 to date in schools of all levels: from childhood to adulthood. Teach from 10 years at the School of Dramatic Arts "I Molti" in Alessandria, simultaneously taking an interest in research and creation paths in the field of social theater. She is currently involved in staging a new Teatrodistico show and in a new theater production alongside Bebo Storti.

Clara Schembari, pianoforte: ha studiato presso il Conservatorio A.Vivaldi di Alessandria, where she graduated brilliantly in 2000. Her concert activity has led her to perform both as a soloist and in chamber ensembles in major Italian cities and abroad in Switzerland., Germany, Singapore (Teatro Esplanade) ottenendo ovunque un caloroso successo di pubblico e critica. Tra gli altri suona in duo con l’armonicista Willi Burger, with the accordionist Nadio Marenco, the flautist Marco Rainelli, pianist Ani Martirosyan, ma svariate sono le formazioni con cui ha collaborato dimostrando una grande versatilità (Mc Deal Sextuor, Clarissa Bevilacqua, violino; Monica Elias, soprano; Rocco Parisi, clarinet; Coro “A.Vivaldi”, Quintetto d’ark, Bric-concelli Cello Orchestra, Adalberto Ferrari…and many others). She has studied with Sergio Perticaroli, Bruno Canino, Franco Scala, Lilya Zilberstein and Pier Narciso Masi with whom he has also perfected at the Accademia Internazionale "Incontri col Maestro" in Imola. At the same time she finished her university studies, obtaining with honors degree in physics from the l’Università del Piemonte Orientale of Alessandria in 2011 il titolo di dottorato in fisica presso l’Università di Genova con un contratto di ricerca presso il JRC di Ispra.

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