Edizione 2023

23 June; Cerro di Laveno Mombello, MIDeC
tell 9 decades for a few free reeds and voice – John Coscia, accordion and Silvia Bandi, voce

John Coscia: a cornerstone of Italian jazz. Born in Alexandria in 1931, he approaches this genre since he was a boy, when cousin Aristide, Italian champion footballer with Roma (anno 1942), he gives him some vinyls with the songs of the great American composers of the time. He completes classical studies (in high school he is a classmate of Umberto Eco with whom he will weave a deep and lasting friendship) and become a lawyer, but without ever abandoning the passion for music and for the instrument of which he will become an absolute virtuoso. He collaborates with the best Italian musicians and composers (Giorgio Gaslini is part of this infinite list, Luciano Berio, Gianluigi Trovesi, Enrico Rave, Renato Sellani, Paolo Fresu, Francesco Guccini and Adriano Celentano) and performs in the most prestigious international jazz festivals. In 1992 e nel 1994 plays with Milva on tour in Japan, also performing as a soloist. In 1996 is appointed member of the board of directors of the Accademia Musicale Chigiana. In 1997 the film `Other men` with Claudio Amendola and Veronica Pivetti is released (directed by Bonivento) of which he composes the soundtrack with Fred Ferrari. His discography is very rich both as a soloist and in the company of the most important musicians; among these we mention the album "Kramer liked it like this" dedicated to his teacher and mentor Gorni Kramer. Among the countless awards that dot his incredible artistic parable we mention the last one in chronological order: the Tenco Prize 2021 to career, delivered to him last October in Sanremo.

Silvia Bandi: Alexandrine, Graduated in Jazz Singing at the Ghedini Conservatory in Cuneo, for years he has combined his activity as a singer with that of teacher of vocal technique and director of choirs. He is currently director and arranger of the Joy Gospel Singers of Valencia, experienced choir, recently also on the bill at the Blue Jazz Festival in Valencia, and of the amateur choir Section B of Alessandria; at the moment he collaborates with various schools in the area for the activity of singing and choir teacher – Le Muse Academy of Casale, ASD Dance and Entertainment of Alexandria – and carries out training activities on vocality. She is graduating from the Rotterdam Conservatory (NL) in “Vocal Leadership”, innovative pedagogical approach for conducting choirs. As a singer she has performed and still performs in various jazz formations, from duo to big band, and boasts collaborations with various local and non-local artists – Grain Accornero, Henry Ciampini, Franco Russo, Loris Tarantino, Dino Cerruti, per citarne alcuni. Collaborate regularly with: i “Christmas Three”, in which he proposes classic Christmas standards in a jazz key with original arrangements for vocal trio (with Irene Pamparana and Gabriele Guglielmi, voci, and Paolo Maggiora at the piano; “Bill Evans Vocal Project”, in which he performs in the vocal version and with lyrics original songs by Bill Evans (with Fabrizio Trullu piano, Stefano Profeta double bass, Paolo Franciscone battery); “Flowers Jazz Duo”, flowers chosen by jazz and surroundings, with guitarist Alessandro Abbadessa.

30 June; Besozzo, Church of Sant’Alessandro
Light of the Heart – Junior Classical Orchestra of the A.Vivaldi Conservatory and VivalCoro Choir

Junior Classical Orchestra: chamber music-symphonic training, young emanation of the Classical Orchestra of Alessandria, which includes children and teenagers with a maximum age limit of 18 anni, from music schools and conservatories in the province of Alessandria and beyond. Nata nel 2007 with the aim of encouraging young people to study music, fight against youth problems and early school leaving, creating opportunities for aggregation and offering opportunities to share an important experience on an artistic level to learn the criteria of “stare in orchestra”. She has numerous concerts in Piedmont to her credit and was the star of an experimental tour (in collaboration with ASL -AL) consisting of a series of concerts at the various hospitals in the province. Collaborated with LILT (provincial section of Alexandria) with the project “The harmonious inspiration…of prevention”, targeted educational strategy, in the adolescent field, health promotion and risk behavior prevention. At the Congress Center of "Expo 2015", some musicians performed in front of the ambassador of Burkina Faso, as part of the "Water for Life" conference organized by Lions. In 2017/8/9 performed a series of concerts in synergy with the preparatory course for orchestra conducting under the guidance of M° Paolo Ferrara (professor at the "Vivaldi" Conservatory of Alessandria) and with the adult choir of the same Conservatory directed by Monica Elias. After the forced closure of the activities due to the pandemic, the State Conservatory of Music “Antonio Vivaldi” and the Music High School “Saluzzo Plana” in Alessandria have stipulated an agreement, in order to collaborate in the promotion and support of the JuniorClassica Youth Orchestra of Alessandria, giving it a permanent structure with a three-year concert schedule (2023-2025), with the aim of promoting the musical education of young Conservatory students, Music High School and Music Schools in the area, offering them equal opportunities, allow professionalizing public experiences, give permanent structure to the Orchestra in a planning process, avoiding occasional and provisional nature and constitute an instrumental preparation suitable for carrying out the discipline "Conducting Instrumental and Vocal Groups", present in the educational offer of the Conservatory under the guidance of Maestro Paolo Ferrara.

Choir VivalChorus: nasce nel 2008, under the guidance of Director Monica Elias, as a "Choral Workshop" within the Music School for Adults of the "A. Vivaldi” di Alessandria. In the years, the choir has developed a vast musical project, also with internships of guest conductors, arriving to build a repertoire oriented above all to sacred music (Vivaldi, Mozart, Fauré, Gounod), but also with original and contemporary reinterpretations of liturgical themes (Misa Criolla di A. Ramirez), not disdaining forays also into the territories of popular and contemporary music (George Gershwin, Daniele Bertotto). For several years, the choir has also been involved in projects carried out with the youth orchestra and the preparatory class for orchestra conducting at the Conservatory.. In addition to performing regularly in the province of Alessandria, the Choir has participated in various editions of the Mozart marathon "Mozart Nacht und Tag" in Turin; at the review “What music Marengo!"Organized by the Province of Alessandria, and the second edition of the "Musical Afternoons" organized by the Alessandria Conservatory. The choir has also been repeatedly invited to perform at the Spring Days organized by the Alessandria Section of the F.A.I., with concerts in the Citadel and in Santa Maria di Castello in Alessandria, and for more than 10 years participates in the event "Music on the net - 12 musical marathon hours” as part of the European Heritage Days which take place every year in October. Among other activities: participation in the cycle "Citizens for Culture", organized by the Municipality of Alessandria and various concerts in collaboration with charities on the occasion of fundraising, as well as on institutional occasions for anniversaries such as 25 april and 2 giugno. VivAlcoro performed at the "Lago Cromatico" Festival on Lake Maggiore and in June 2022 participated in the Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival, where he performed successfully in two concerts in the Auditorium of Dobbiaco and Sesto. During the year 2021 ViValcoro was set up as an APS (amateur choir) in accordance with the Third Sector Code, he has regularly enrolled in RUNTS (Single National Register of the Third Sector), stipulating an agreement with the Alessandria Conservatory to carry out the choral workshop meetings in the Palazzo Cuttica. For several years the choir has been collaborating with M° Paolo Ghiglione as accompanist.

6 July; Lombard sum , Visconti Castle of San Vito
Like a galaxy – C3ChiesaCellosCremona, Directs Silvia Chiesa

Silvia Chiesa,it & C3 Project – Chiesa, Cellos, Cremona: eensemble with variable formation of cellos only, C3 is a project born in 2021 from the long experience of the internationally renowned cellist Silvia Chiesa and gained during her long teaching experience in Cremona, started in 2007. Known not only as an excellent virtuoso, but also as an inexhaustible discoverer of new repertoires for her instrument, from the great Italian Novecento of which it was a pioneer, up to the contemporary where she is the first dedicatee of many works, as well as as the first commissioner of new transcriptions, Silvia Chiesa has decided to found the C3 Project not only to continue to follow her most deserving students also in the concert activity and therefore actively accompanying them in their entry into the profession, but also to continue experimenting with the still unexpressed potential of the cello in variable formations and in the mode of maximum depth, between study and work, thus being able to tackle rare repertoires or first performances such as the piece Perla Preziosa by Christophe Guyard performed in Turin in 1922 for the Cortili review of OMI. After the debut at the Ponchielli Theater in Cremona in '21, Silvia Chiesa and the C3 have in fact ringed selected and well thought out concerts, as is in the very spirit of the project, arriving in 1922 at the Cappella Paolina del Quirinale live on Rai3 Radio for the inauguration of the Quirinale Concerts, second national broadcast after that of Amiata Piano Festival.

14 July; Monate di Travedona , Lungolago
Towards Oltremura – Abdo, Buda, Marconi Trio

Ashti Abdo, Manuel Buda and Fabio Marconi start working together in January 2016, and they haven't stopped since: a special alchemy it united them from the very first sessions, and this alchemy has enchanted the public since the very first concerts. Il repertorio, popular or not – of large areas ranging from Italy to the Middle East, passing through i BALKANS, the Greece, Eastern Europe, and on to Caucasus, it was and is the only musical "origin" of the trio, with a great baggage of melodies, musical forms, rhythms, that look alike and talk to each other, making us and all these lands much closer than we sometimes think. But Abdo Buda Marconi trio is also a human encounter, of stories and people: with Ashti Abdo in the first place, he came from Syrian Kurdistan, and witness to a history and a culture that still struggle to exist today. With Manuel Buddha, Milanese Jew of very mixed origins, linked to the Livorno Sephardim, in Rome and Calabria. And with Fabio Marconi, milanese, ravenous researcher and interpreter of popular music from Italy and the world. After three years of intense work and beautiful concerts, the Trio attracted Felmay's interest, a label that in the context of World Music he discovered, promoted and connected important artists from all over the world. Thanks for this interest, in the spring of 2019 he's out the first trio album: Karsilama, which received a warm reception on radio, in magazines, and logged into iTunes at #19 in the Top 200 Releases Turkey All Genre. The Trio is currently working for a new record, whose release is expected in the spring 2022. In this new engraving, alongside a series of compositions based as in the previous one on the research and musical culture of the three, original songs will also find a place for the first time, fruit of all the experiences and inspirations lived up to now by the Trio.

Ashti Abdo: set up, voce, percussioni, sit down, marranzano, clarinet

manuel buddha: chitarra classica, prepared guitar, voci

Fabio Marconi: violation of choro a 7 string, fretless guitar, voci

15 July; Ranco, Piazza del Comune,it
The Star Woman – Eliza Baio, attrice

Eliza Baio: was born in Varese, fascinated by the theater since childhood, he made his debut with the Tournée company of Varese in 2005, performing original plays and taking them on tour. He graduates in electronic Engineering and later he graduated from the Arsenale Theater School in Milan with Kuniaki Ida, Marina Spreafico and Giovanni Calò. Afterwards, continues her training with ATIR Teatro Ringhiera and in parallel studies as a speaker and dubber developing a natural predisposition to music and singing. appears, inoltre, in some commercials of national and international importance, and lends his voice as a speaker for some promotional achievements. Since 2021 plays the cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova in the monologue "The Woman of the Stars". Some shows she took part in as an actress and singer: "The Woman of the Stars" (the F. Borghetti) – “Beautiful with soul” (by A. Zamberletti) – “The pomegranate” (of I.Bert Sambo) – “Evil and its flowers” (Arsenale Theater - directed by M. Spraific).

16 July; Angera, Pratone
Elephant Claps

Mila Trani – soprano; Serena Ferrara – mezzo soprano; Naima Faraò – contralto; Gianmarco Trevisan – tenore; Matthew Rossetti – bass; Marco Sambataro – beat box

Elephant claps has ears designed to catch melodies, paws marking multigroove and a polyphonic proboscis. E’ a pachyderm based in Milan, born from the meeting of 6 musical beings who alternate afro-funk-jazz rhythms and colors using only air, pressure and vocal cords. Groove, improvisation and energy are the key words that characterize this vocal sextet which offers an original repertoire exploring various sound worlds. Da settembre 2015 the band makes itself known in Milan and in Italy in the independent circuit, participates in the Solevoci International A Cappella Festival winning in the pop category and also obtaining two prizes: best project and best arrangement for the piece L'ov. In October 2016 participates in TEDx Milan at the Teatro Dal Verme, in January 2017 performs at the London A Cappella Festival among the extra groups of the London festival. In April the album of the same name is released and the band presents it at the Salumeria della musica in Milan. In June 2017 wins the international music contest A Cappella Aarhus in Denmark, first prize among 6 selected bands from all over Europe. In July 2018 wins second place in the pop a cappella category at the Vokal Total contest in Graz. In 2018 the pachyderm collects approx 50 dates in Italy and abroad, to remember the opening at the Maceo Parker concert at the JAZZMI festival in Milan and the tour in Germany and Denmark. In 2019 the band continues to tour throughout Italy and participates in festivals in Russia (Moscow
Spring A Cappella) in Germany (A cappella weeks, Hannover – Total Vocals, Munich) e in Slovenia (Ljubljana Vocal Festival). In 2021 performs in Dubai at the Italian pavilion of ExpoDubai.

19 July; Cerro di Laveno Mombello; MIDeC
Oscar Strizzi, sand performer Nadio Marenco, fisarmonica

Oscar Strizzi: is an illusionist actor considered in the Italian panorama among the greatest exponents of the art of Chinese Shadows. From an early age he began to deal with illusionism. Magic fascinates him more and more, but it doesn't feel complete and, crescendo, seek out new experiences. He decides to study acting and trains at the Florian Metateatro school. Participate in seminars with important artists of the Italian scene, including Marco Baliani, Gian Marco Montesano, Repair e Caporossi, Marcello Sambati, George Albertazzi. His kind of show, between poetic, mime, magical, leads into a world of great wonder, managing to involve an audience of any age and origin. He has received several awards for his shows. He has performed on numerous national and international stages working with the biggest names in show business, including director David Lynch. He worked for the most famous circus in the world "Le Cirque Du Soleil". He is in great demand for his performances for large corporate events and international shows.

21 July; Laveno Mombello; Lake Maggiore cableways
Belleville Stompers

Belleville Stompers: is an acoustic jazz trio that offers a repertoire of Manouche music, genre that sees its origins in the Paris of the thirties.
The musical project was born from Mattia Garavaglia's passion for this genre, rock/blues guitarist. Passion that began more than fifteen years ago listening to a trio of street artists: intrigued by their oval-mouthed guitars and captured by the fast rhythm of the swing to which virtuoso solos were superimposed, thus he began to discover the world of Jazz Manouche and self-taught the guitar technique of Django. For several years Mattia attended the Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois Sur Seine, meeting point for fans of the genre from all over the world, where in jam sessions you have the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from the most gifted guitarists. He performs with various formations in street festivals, jazz clubs and venues. Moved near Borgomanero, Mattia is looking for a rhythm guitarist to create a stable formation that can grow and make a real search for style and sound: meets so in 2017 Daniele Radaelli, guitarist and dixieland banjo player with a solid accompaniment experience and a good culture on the origins of Jazz and begins to share passion and study. Massimo Erbetta gets involved, double bass player with a more modern Jazz oriented experience, that accepts the challenge of a return to its origins, a drier but essential way of playing to support the rhythmic work in the absence of the drums.

28 July; Laveno Mombello; Water workshops
Ingrid Carbone, pianoforte

Ingrid Carbone she is a Bechstein pianist. All his CDs, including his last double Ruggiero Leoncavallo: for piano”, are published by Da Vinci Publishing and have received unanimous acclaim from national and international critics. His third CD “The feeling of nature” received one nomination to International Classical Music Awards (Community) del 2022. Awarded at the USA international competition Global Music Awards nel 2020 e 2021, Ingrid Carbone was awarded four medalsie: a silver medal for his CD “The feeling of nature” dedicated to Liszt and released in May 2021, and three bronze medals in the 2020 for his Schubert CD “The Rediscovered Enchantment”, for his debut CD dedicated to Liszt “The Harmonies of the Spirit” and for live performance of Consolation n. 2 by Liszt, played in concert in Constance, in Germany, on the occasion of the international photographic exhibition “Women of Mathematics across Europe – A Gallery of Portraits”. Winner of national and international competitions, nel 2016 la New York IBLA Foundation gave her the Scarlatti Special Mention e nel 2017 la Piano Special Mention. In 2021 Ingrid Carbone received the "Città di Montalto Uffugo Lifetime Achievement Award", the Calabrian town where the great Ruggiero Leoncavallo spent his childhood, "for his extraordinary artistic career that brought prestige to the whole of Calabria". In 2020 il Conservatory of Music of Cosenza, his hometown, on the occasion of the celebration ceremony of its 50th anniversary, selected Ingrid Carbone as one of the brightest and most successful pupils the Conservatory has had, and rewarded her "for his artistic activity of great value". In 2018 she was awarded the XXI edition of the “La città del sole” prize (Art section) by the Association Rotary International "The City of the Sun". In 2017 la International Federation of Business and Professional Women – FIDAPA BPW Italy (Makes) awarded her the biennial award "Southern Woman" for its artistic value. In the same year, his artistic history and his interpretations of Liszt appeared in the documentary film (and soundtrack) “Italian genius under the stars”, presented to Venice Film Biennial. Ingrid Carbone has a vast repertoire ranging from the Baroque period to the 20th century. She performed as a soloist, with orchestra and in duo with violin for associations, music conservatories, Italian consulates, Italian cultural institutes, foundations, theaters and universities in Austria, Cina, Germany, Hungary, Israel (including the Palestinian territories), Italia, Polonia, Spagna, Slovenia. He also held masterclasses in China and the Palestinian territories. Oltre all’attività concertistica, Ingrid Carbone is interested in the diffusion of music and culture through conversations-concert, it's a lot engaged in social work also through benefit concerts, and is attentive to its territory, which he promotes in Italy and abroad with projects involving composers linked to Calabria. She has been invited to serve on juries of international piano competitions and piano diplomas. In 2018 Ingrid Carbone founded the Musical Association “Clara Schumann”, di cui è Presidente. Ingrid Carbone began her musical education in Italy, at the Conservatory of Music of Cosenza, where he studied with Maria Laura Macario and Flavio Meniconi, and at the age of nineteen he obtained the Piano Diploma with full marks with Francesco Monopoli. At the Conservatory he also studied Composition for a few years. She specialized in Italy and abroad at prestigious academies such as International Summer Academy – Mozarteum University of Salzburg e Tel-Hai International Piano Master Classes in Israel and with internationally renowned pianists and composers, tra cui Lazar Berman, Julia Bal, Christian Burato, Eagles of the Vineyards, Eduardo Ogando, Ronan O'Hora, Hector Pell, Andrew Pikul. Eclectic personality, she graduated at the age of 21 anni cum laude in Mathematics at the University of Calabria. A 27 won the competition from Researcher in Mathematics at the University of Bari. A 30 years she moved to the University of Calabria. She is the author of articles published in international journals, and has been invited to lecture in Europe and Canada. Currently it is Associate Professor at the University of Calabria, where she teaches Mathematical Analysis and where she was also President of the Scientific Technical Area Library.

30 July; Taino; Giò Pomodoro Park
Kyo Shin Do

Since 2004 il Kyo Shin Do is committed to making Taiko known in Italy through shows and regular Taiko Do courses. Fascinated by culture and scholars of traditional Japanese arts, the members of the Kyo Shin Do live and practice the study of Taiko at the Kyo Shin Do Taiko Dojo located on the heights of the Ligurian Apennines. The artistic training of Kyo Shin Do takes place under the guidance of special Sensei (Masters): Kurumaya Masaaki (representative of the traditional Mitsuuchi style, typical of the Hokuriku region in Japan), Joji Hirota (compositore, multipercussionista, shakuhachi player and singer), Liz Walters (Tamashii Daiko, Inghilterra), Gushiken Tsukasa (Ryujin Densetsu, Okinawa), Koji Nakamura (Shumei Daiko), Marco Lienhard (Taikoza). Builders of the playing drums, they have participated in numerous festivals including the Mediterranean Music Festival in Genoa, Darbar at the MAO in Turin, Ethnos a Napoli, Estate Fiesolana in Florence and events in Italy, Giappone, Francia, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Malta…

2 August; Leggiuno; Eremo di Santa Caterina
FiloBarocco Quartet

FiloBarocco was born from the meeting of its members in the chamber music contexts of the Como and Lugano conservatories. The ensemble made its debut in 2018 and immediately demonstrates a marked sonority and expressive alchemy, combined with the ability to explore the boundaries of the interpretation of the Baroque repertoire, often integrating other musical genres within the programmes. In its first years of activity, the group received the special mention for the "best project" at the "Marcello Pontillo" International Competition in Florence and self-produced a debut album in which baroque music is combined with elements of traditional music. The disc can be purchased only upon request and during the performances. Since 2020 al 2023 the group was selected for the prestigious EEEmerging+ program, cooperation project between the main international festivals dedicated to performance on historical instruments; has to his credit concerts in Italy, Switzerland, Francia, Spagna, Germany, Polonia, Latvia and Romania. FiloBarocco boasts the presence of stable members and valuable collaborations with internationally renowned chamber musicians and soloists, the most recent of which with flutist Erik Bosgraaf.

Edizione 2022

1 July; Lombard sum, Visconti Castle of San Vito
To the graceful party – Ensemble Micrologus

2 July; Cerro di Laveno Mombello, Museo MIDeC

8 July, Besozzo, Church of Sant’Alessandro
Ani Martirosyan and Clara Schembari, pianoforte to 4 mani

9 July; Travedona Monate, Along Lake Monate,,it,Gypsy jazz,,fr,Davide Citera - Francesca Mosca,,it
Bevano East,,fr,Mc Deal Sextuor,,en,Maestrale,,en

10 July; Taino, Giò Pomodoro Park
Saxofollia Quartet feat. Fabrizio Bosso

13 July; Leggiuno, Eremo di Santa Caterina
Alessio Nebiolo, chitarra & Jeanne Gollut, pan flute

15 July; Comabbio; Lucio Fontana room
Eccentric Trio – Silvia Felisetti, reciting voice and soprano – Luca Bonucci, harpsichord

16 July; Ranco, Piazza Venezia
The Women of Fishing and the Lake

23 July; Cerro di Laveno Mombello, Museo MIDeC
Sebastiano Bronzato, voce recitante – Terra Mater set

30 July; Angera, Church of Sant 'Alessandro
Leonora Armellini, pianoforte

3 August; Laveno Mombello, Lake Maggiore cableway
Mauro porro & His Dixie Blue Blowers

6 August; Angera, Pratone
Inis Fail

Luca Crespi: Irish flute, uilleann pipes, whistles; Colm Murphy: violino, pianoforte, voce; Lucia Picozzi: fisarmonica; Alessia Pasini,,it,choreography by,,it,Tara Dance Academy,,en,The artistic career of INISFAIL,,it,thanks to years of intense activity and exhibitions in the most diverse areas,,it,Television programs,,it,theater,,et,places the Band among the most popular folk groups on the Italian scene,,it,Always transmitting energy and passion,,it,the training has received numerous consents also abroad,,it,Germany and France,,it,involving important Irish artists,,it,including Arty McGllyn,,it,Nolagh Casey,,en,John McSherry,,en,Michael McGoldrick,,en,Liam O'Connor,,pt,Alan Kelly,,fi,The training over the years has remained consistent with his personal sound,,it,a winning mix of tradition and innovation,,it,The novelty of the,,it,is the entry into the staff of the Irish violinist Colm Murphy who,,it: voce, bodhran; Francesco Bettoni: chitarra

11 August: Ranco,Rodari park
Ziganoff – jazz orchestra

Rossana Caldini violin; Gigi Grata tuba-sousaphone; Renato Morelli accordion-guitar; Michele Ometto guitar; Christian Stanchina soprano trumpet-flugelhorn; Fiorenzo Zeni soprano-clarinet saxophone; Igor Polesitsky, violino

Chromatic Lake - LOGO-23

12 June, Laveno Mombello; Gianluca Corona

18 June, Brebbia; Canova Orchestra; Enrico Pagano, Director

20 June, Cerro di Laveno Mombello; FiloBarocco set

3 July, Travedona Monate; FlamencoDalVivo – Paola Savino

9 July, Laveno Mombello; Eccentric Trio

17 July, Angera; The Blue Dolls

23 July, Taino; Terra Mater set

30 July, Ranco; two Sfera – Giulio Tampalini, chitarra

31 July, Angera; Aires Quartet

5 August, Ispra; TwoFol Quartet – Nicholas Gelli, Emilio Checchini, Luca Troiani, Pierpaolo Romani

11 August, Ranco; bandakadabra

Edizione 2020

6 August, Sacro Monte di Varese; Ensemble Micrologus

11 August, Laveno Mombello; Siete Lunas: Astrid Quintero Reyes Percussioni, voce, flauto e chitarra ; Maggie Pitzalis Voce e percussioni ; Elisa lomazzi Voce e percussioni; Lisa Odelli Voce e percussioni ; Giulio Tosatti Percussioni e Voce

21 August, Cerro di Laveno Mombello; Trio Eclectique: Alice Dondio, violino; Elena Bacchiarello, clarinet; Clara Schembari, pianoforte

29 August, Ranco; Ensemble di Trombe FVG

4 September, Travedona Monate; Accordi Disaccordi

5 September, Taino; Duo di Corni O. Franz: Davide Citera; Francesca Mosca

10 September, Taino; Quartetto Vagamondo: Giorgio Molteni – violino; Carlo Ferrè – chitarra; Lorenzo Ravazzini – viola; Matteo Pallavera – contrabbasso

11 September, Laveno Mombello Roberto Piumini – attore; Nadio Marenco – fisarmonica

12 September, Ranco; Betty Colombo – attrice

13 September, Angera; Quintetto Eccentrico; Noris Borgogelli – attore

10 Ottobre, Brebbia; Baroque- sax (ensemble); Jacopo Taddei, sax & I Solisti dell’Orchestra Canova – Direttore Concertatore: E. Pagano

Edizione 2019

2 June, Laveno Mombello, Fanta Brass: Matteo Fagiani – Cesare Maffioletti, trombe; Andrea Testa – Giovanni Capelli, tromboni

16 June, Monate di Travedona, A journey through traditional American music with Doug Rorrer,,en,BlueDust Band,,en,he grew up in Eden,,it,in North Carolina,,it,listening to his,,it,great uncles Charlie Poole and Posey Rorer on his father's old vinyl records,,it,He formed his own backing tracks on Poole's music,,it,His,,it,heroes,,it,guitarists were Roy Harvey from the Poole band,,it,Riley Puckett of Skillet Lickers and a local guitarist,,it,Gene Meade,,en,who played in Puckett style,,it,Doug mentions Doc Watson as one of his current inspirations,,it,During the years,,it,Doug was lucky enough to study with Norman Woodlieff,,it,Lonnie Austin,,en,Buck e Alice Easley,,en,Austin and Woodlieff played violin and guitar with Poole's North Carolina Ramblers respectively,,it,Doug has taught in many guitar workshops and performed at the Augusta Heritage Festival in Elkins,,it & BlueDust Band

30 June, Laveno Mombello, Inverna : Cristina Meschia, voce; Giampaolo Casati, tromba; Julio Fortunato, fisarmonica e contrabbasso

6 July, Taino, Rhapsodija Trio : Maurizio Dehò, violino; Nadio Marenco, fisarmonica; Luigi Maione, chitarra

10 July, Ranco, I fall down and am Happy,,it,TnB Swing Band,,en : di e con Daniele Ronco; regia Marco Cavicchioli

13 July, Monate di Travedona, TnB Swing Band :Marina Marinaro, voce; Luca Monti, tromba; Franz e Luis, sax; Paolo Colombo, clarinet;Roberto Clerici, trombone; Fabio Selvini, chitarra; Jonni Lazzarin, contrabbasso; Davide Rancati, batteria

24 July, Ranco, Bevano East,,fr,Mc Deal Sextuor,,en,Maestrale,,en: Stefano Delvecchio, fisarmonica Davide Castiglia, violino Giampiero Cignani, clarinet

27 July, Cerro Laveno, Mc Deal Sextuor: Elena Bacchiarello, clarinet; Luca Barchi, bassoon;

Davide Citera, cuckold; Antonio Palumbo, oboe;Marco Rainelli, flauto; Clara Schembari, pianoforte

2 August, Angera, Maestrale: Filippo Gambetta, organetto diatonico; Carmelo Russo, chitarra; Sergio Caputo, violino

10 August, Ranco, Inis Fail

24 August, Santa Caterina del Sasso, Silvia Chiesa,it – violoncello

30 August, Casa Museo Pogliaghi, Willi Burger – armonica cromatica; Clara Schembari – pianoforte

6 September, Ranco, Roberto Zanisi – percussioni

7 September, Cerro Laveno, Filarmonica Giuseppe Verdi

8 September, Angera; Coro 7 Laghi di Varese; Gruppo Corale ANA Arnica di Laveno Mombello; I Cantori di Calastoria di Robecchetto

14 September, Laveno Mombello; Coro Val Grande di Cambiasca; Coro La Rocca di Arona; Coro Fiocco di Neve di Ispra

Edizione 2018

2 June, Laveno Mombello: Gruppo Corale ANA Arnica di Laveno Mombello; Coro Alpino Sestese di Sesto Calende.

17 June, Angera: Coro La Rocca di Arona; Coro Fiocco di Neve di Ispra

23 June, Monate di Travedona Clan Zingaro: Daniele Gregolin, chitarra manouche, Nadio Marenco, fisarmonica, Michele Gattoni, chitarra ritmica, Cesare Pizzetti, contrabbasso

30 June, Angera Quintetto di percussioni Laròs

4 July, Ranco Gente Fuori Posto: Daniela Tusa.

5 July, Monate di Travedona Dirty Dixie Jazz Band: Lorenzo Poletti Trombone e voce; Matteo Erigoni Percussioni; Max Montagna Tuba ; Daniele Radaelli Banjo; Giancarlo Ellena Sax soprano e clarinetto; Mauro Guenza Tromba e cornetta

20 July, Santa Caterina del Sasso Arioso Ensemble: Adalberto Ferrari; Andrea Ferrari; Rocco Carbonara clarinetto e corno di bassetto

26 July, Ranco La Musette du Pavè: Fabio Rossato, accordèon; Silvia De Boni accordèon e chanteuse

28 July, Laveno M. HOT CLUB di Bologna: Mariangela Cofone, voce; Giacomo Desideri, sax; Simone Mercuri, chitarra; Gabriele Naldoni, bass; Daniele Ligorio, batteria

9 August, Ispra Tradition in Music,,it,born in Novara in,,it,begins the concert activity at the age of,,it,He has participated in hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad along with numerous bands of Celtic and folk music,,it,including "Cantlos",,it,"Mamacè clan",,fr,“Silly farm”,,en,"Farfadet",,ha,“Whisper piano”,,en,"Folkamiseria",,fi,“Kitchen Implosion”,,en,"ZeroPi",,eu,"People Heads",,sv,"La Bandela del Ghezz",,es,the duo "Sarah Leo - Massimo Testa" etc.,,it,With the various groups he has worked on the production of over a dozen CDs / DVDs of original and traditional songs,,it,During his career he has collaborated with some of the show's personalities such as "Lindsey Stirling",,it: Sarah Leo, violino; Massimo Testa, organetto diatonico

10 August, Ranco Del Barrio X 4: Hilario Baggini; voce, quena, quenacho, erke, moxenio, tarka, sikus, flauto, charango, ronroco, maulincho, bichito cordobés, chitarra, cajon Andres Langer, pianoforte, voce Marco Zanotti, bombo leguero, cajon, rullante, calebasse, pandeiro, campane, campanelli, piatti e piattini Cecilia Biondini, violoncello

31 August, Cerro Laveno La Bandela del Ghezz

1 September, Cerro Laveno Filarmonica G. Verdi di Laveno M

8 September, Ispra Coro Goccia di Voce, Director: M° Oskar Boldre

15 September, Cerro di laveno Giulio Tampalini, chitarra

21 September, Monvalle PizzicanDuo: Paola Esposito, mandolino; Marco Pizzorno, chitarra

22 September, Taino Um Mitternacht: Sonja Volten, soprano; Eke Simons, pianoforte

23 September, Travedona di Monate Orchestra “I. Pizzetti”, Carlotta Colombo, soprano; Enrico Pagano, direttore

29 September, Taino Coro Calicantus, Mario Fontana, Direttore

Edizione 2017

2 June 2017 – Laveno Mombello

Academy Quartet: Nadia Magnoni , clarinetto Anna Scarbossa, clarinetto Renzo Ferrari, clarinetto Giancarlo Ellena, clarinetto basso

16 June 2017 – Barza – Ispra

Coro Femminile Sophia, Director: Stefano Torresan

5 July 2017 – Ranco

Betty Colombo e Adalberto Ferrari

8 July 2017 – Leggiuno

Dirty Dixie Jazz Band: Lorenzo Poletti, trombone, voce Matteo Erigoni, percussioni Max Montagna, tuba, sousaphone Daniele Radaelli, banjo Giancarlo Ellena, sax soprano, clarinetto Mauro Guenza, tromba, cornetta

15 July 2017 – Angera

Eyal Lerner, flauto; Nadio Marenco, fisarmonica

19 July 2017 – Ranco

The Cocoon : Galliani, contralto Marcello Colò, batteria Fabio Mazzola, contrabbasso Michael Alberga, chitarra

27 July 2017 – Monvalle

Brass Volè: Mariano Cirigliano, clarinetto Sebastiano Giordano, tromba; Federico Salemi, sax contralto Andrea Scavini, trombone Jimmy Cetrulo, percussioni Giada Bianchi, sax baritono

2 August 2017 – Eremo di Santa Caterina_Leggiuno

Stefan Milenkovich, violino

5 August 2017 – Ispra

Quartet Auris & Daniele Del Bandecca

10 August 2017, Ranco

Chicago Stompers

11 August 2017 – Lake Maggiore cableway; Laveno M.

Marco Rainelli, flauto; Marco Brusa, chitarra

27 August 2017 – Monate di Travedona

Duke Ellington My Love: Riccardo Zegna, pianoforte; Giampaolo Casati, tromba; Davide Garola, trombone; Claudio Chiara, sax alto; Pietro Tonolo, sax soprano-tenore; Marco Moro, flauto e sax tenore; Davide Nari, sax baritono; Elena Bacchiarello, clarinet; Simone Monnanni, contrabbasso; Roberto Paglieri, batteria
Vocalist:Chantal Saroldi; Maria Grazia Scarzella; Cristina Meschia

Filarmonica “G. Verdi” di Laveno M. – 9 September 2017 – Cerro Laveno

Mangia, Bevi, Bici …in Musica – 10 September 2017 – Ispra

Gruppo Ticinese Corno delle Alpi

La Bandela del Ghezz: Emiliano Romano,sax soprano, voce; Max Testa,organetto diatonico,voce, percussioni

Cristina Meschia

17 September 2017 – Angera

Comaci Boschi, flauto; Alessandra Ziveri, arpa

Chiesa di S. Stefano, 23 September 2017 – Taino

Sonja Volten, soprano; Alexander Zyumbrovskiy, violoncello; Youth Orchestra “I. Pizzetti” – Director: Enrico Pagano

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