Blooming again

"Il Lago Cromatico" Festival in 2021 reaches its seventh edition.

The theme chosen for the new program is “rifiorire”, blooming again, as a reference to all the flowers that color the territory of Lake Maggiore and as a message of renaissance, hope and optimism for the future, which we wish will accompany the public throughout the summer.

With this art exhibition, born from our collaboration with the Salamon Fine Art Gallery, an important Contemporary Art Gallery in Milan, the Festival is blooming again.

The protagonist of this solo show is the contemporary artist Gianluca Corona, a productive, selective and talented Lombard painter who has already been able to leave its mark on Italian figurative art.

Corona prefers the genre of portrait and still life, the latter considered a niche until a few years ago. However, Corona’s canvases, although fundamentally classic in their composition and pictorial technique, are profoundly contemporary: for their plasticity, the gaze, the light, their subterranean vitality.

His subjects, more than living or dead things, are lived, touched by life, shaped by it, sometimes wasted, and therefore even closer to the viewer.

From each painted element, all the energy of the original subject emerges and we feel like we could touch or take it from the canvas. We can feel the strong sensation of observing a space niche cut out of time, but not cut out of life.

Corona recreates flowers, leaves and fruits in a very high definition, with a technical-artistic expertise that has no equals in Italy. When you look at them, its petals and the skin of its fruits seem tridimensional and it is not difficult to imagine their intense scent. They are present subjects, not at all inanimate objects.

The main aim of this exhibition, within the full summer program of "Il Lago Cromatico" Festival, is to do a great flight skimming three fields that only apparently seem to be a thousand miles away from each other: music, painting and botany. Three sister subjects, daughters of the wider universe of Art.

Corona has a free spirit, just like a solo instrument, and the wise care of a botanist. In the same way as a composer does on the lines of a pentagram, Corona arranges petals and fruits on the base, seeking perfect harmony. Like a botanist he cultivates his skills, with continuous study and practice, lovingly caring for his creatures.

When we find ourselves in front of a painter, a musician, a botanist, the effort we are required is always to go beyond the apparent coldness of the professional and see what is hidden: passion, emotion, a sorrowful story, a tactile symbiosis.

This is what "Il Lago Cromatico" asks every spectator to do: to look for the person behind the artist, to see his talent, to make his vitality his own, to cultivate hope.

In a word: to bloom again.

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