• Cleaning of the poplar plywood panel, which is then covered by the artist with a rabbit skin glues solution, water-bath.
  • Gluing of the raw linen canvas to isolate the support from the primer (bedding); Preparation, spreading and smoothing of the primer based on rabbit skin glue, Bologna gypsum, linseed stand oil and white pigment.
  • Real life drawing study. The drawing is then carried on the panel and fixed using a light Arabic gum fixer solution. The artist creates an initial glaze using natural sands, oil and varnish, before strengthening shadows and defining lights (grisaille).
  • The colors used are ultramarine and cobalt blue, copper green and natural and burnt sands (like sienna pigment), some of them very rare and expensive. The artist prepares some colors himself, starting from pure pigments, grounding them with cold-pressed walnut or linseed oil.
  • Starting the painting with the full colour palette, section by section. The colour is diluted with a binder made up by a quick-drying walnut oil, varnish and turpentine oil. After the final touches and glazing, the painting is complete.

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