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Ensemble Micrologus, 6 Agosto

Ensemble Micrologus, 6 August

Giovedì 6 August, ore 21:30 Sanctuary of the Sacro Monte di Varese Ensemble Micrologus Patrizia Bovi,,it,harp Goffredo Degli Esposti,,it,To participate in all the concerts of the Edition,,it,reservations are required,,it,Reservations can be made by email,,it,drum Gabriele Russo,,it ,I sing,,it,Goffredo Degli Esposti,,it,drum,,it,Gabriele Russo,,it,viella,,es,lira,,tr,ribeca,,en,Enea Sorini,,it,salterio,,tl,percussion bells,,it,Mary, the Virgin Mother,,la,Marian music at the time of medieval pilgrimages,,it,The medieval Italian ensemble,,it,Micrologus,,fr,pioneered Italy,,it,among the numerous early music groups,,it,discovering medieval music,,it,Today,,it,after well,,it,years of activity,,it,continues to find new paths of interpretation and new styles of performance,,it,attracting a growing number of listeners and enthusiasts,,it,with concerts in Italy and throughout Europe,,it,The work of the Micrologus,,it,strictly based on accurate research of the historical context of the music he performs,,it,including work on oral traditions,,it,gives it a well-deserved reputation as the first in historically documented performance,,it,However,,it, arpa, buccina Goffredo Degli Esposti,,it,bagpipes ..,,it,drum Gabriele Russo ..,,it, cornamusa, transverse flute, flauto, tamburo Gabriele Russo...
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