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15 July – Pills of Work

15 July 2022 @ 21:30 - 23:00

Venerdì 15 July, ore 21:30

Lucio Fontana room, Comabbio

Pills of Work: playful concert in one act

Silvia Felisetti, soprano and narrator

Eccentric Wind Quartet

Under the pretext of enhancing every single instrument of a large orchestra, pursued by the prostress, one by one the instrumentalists reveal themselves and introduce themselves, giving life to a nice and funny curtain.

Come to the formation of the quartet , the show turns into a “classico” concert of symphonies and opera overtures, however enriched by the presence of the narrator, who tries to catch the viewer's attention by peppering his story with a series of interesting anecdotes.

Unexpectedly, the formal relationship between the instruments and the prosatric turns into a series of small but fun skirmishes: the prose writer decides to try her hand at the performance of some Opera Arias, this generates an initial bewilderment that results in the musicians' dissent towards these choices, up to decision to go on strike to counter the program decided by the prose who flaunts the Mozart repertoire… E’ so that little by little the viewer will find himself involved in a whirlwind of circumstances, who will prepare him for listening with renewed interest e, why not, with a little smile.


Admission subject to availability of places with reservations required on EVENTBRITE.


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