Gianluca Corona, bio

Gianluca Corona was born in 1969 Milan, city where he still lives and works. He graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in 1991.

From ‘94 to ’96 he further trained as an apprentice in the studio of Mario Donizetti in Bergamo. Following his studies, he started his professional career, establishing himself on the artistic scene as a leading figure of the young Italian figurative art movement.
He has held several exhibitions in Italy and abroad and his works are present in public as well as private collections.

Furthermore, his paintings are continuously used by the record company Musicmedia to illustrate the covers of their CDs.
His works have been praised by some of the most important Italian critics, such as Alberto Agazzani, Franco Basile, Graziano Campanini, Vladek Cwalinski, Carlo Franza, Gilberto Grilli, Gianfranco Lelj, Mario Marcarini, Pietro C. Marani, Alessandro Riva, and Maurizio Sciaccaluga.

Corona’s artworks are inspired by the great masters of the 16th and 17th centuries, however, the artist is able to offer a contemporary rereading of both still life and portrait genres. The artist is therefore able to combine traditional materials and techniques with a contemporary fresh and unique interpretation of his subjects, as such, he is one of the most popular contemporary Italian painter in the still-life genre.

Salamon Fine Art represents the painter worldwide.

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