Bloom again …the exhibition

Since 12 Giugno al 4 July

Villa Fumagalli – vial

Laveno Mombello

Bloom again is the title of the personal exhibition of the contemporary artist Gianluca Corona, born from the collaboration with the Salamon Fine Art Gallery, important gallery of Contemporary Art in Milan. Corona is a Lombard painter, productive, selective and talented who has already left a mark in Italian figurative art; he prefers the genre of portrait and still life, the latter considered a niche until a few years ago. Corona's still lifes are fundamentally classic in composition and painting technique but at the same time they are deeply contemporary, in vitality, in sensitivity, in plasticity, in the look, in the light. He recreates fruit, vegetables, flowers and leaves, cheeses and bread, high definition in timeless atmospheres, with a technical-artistic expertise that has no equal in Italy. When you look at them, the sue corolla, the skin of its fruit, the paste of its cheeses, they seem three-dimensional and it is not difficult to imagine their intense scent. They are alive subjects, in no way inanimati.

What the exhibition aims to do is a great flight skimming three fields that only apparently appear a thousand miles away from each other: la musica, painting and botany, sister matters, daughters of the wider universe of art.

Corona has in fact the free spirit of a solo musician, and the wise care of the botanist. Like a composer on the lines of the staff, so Corona arranges petals, fruits, shells on the plane, seeking perfect harmony. Like a botanist he cultivates his skills, with continuous study and practice.

In front of a painter, a musician, a lover of flowers, the effort required of the viewer is always to go beyond the apparent coldness of the professional and see what is hidden: passion, the emotion, the heartfelt story, the tactile symbiosis.

This is what in the show (and at every concert of the 7th review of the Il Lago Cromatico Festival) the spectator is asked to do: look for the person behind the artist, look at his talent, make its vitality its own, cultivate hope.

In a word: flourish again.

The exhibition will be open to the public with free admission until 4 July.

Timetables: Thursday Friday Saturday: 15:00 – 20:00

domenica 10:00 – 13:00; 15:00 – 20:00

Free admission with compulsory reservation on EVENTBRITE.

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